PACTE - PACTE - Climate Change Adaptation Program for Rural Territories in Tunisia

The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture and its Directorate General of Agricultural Land Development and Conservation (DGACTA) have launched a Program for Adaptation to Climate Change of Tunisia's Rural Territories (PACTE), funded by the French Development Agency. The G-Eau and TETIS research units provide methodological and field support for the implementation of this program in five governorates of Tunisia, in conjunction with their Tunisian partners INAT (National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia) and INRGREF (National Institute of Research in Rural Engineering and Water & Forests).

The objective of the program is to set up multi-stakeholder territorial platforms for concerted planning, and monitoring-evaluation to develop in a sustainable way rural territories that are particularly vulnerable in socio-economic (very low IDH) and environmental terms.


Three specific objectives of the project are aimed:

  • Rational and sustainable management of vulnerable natural resources;
  • Contributions to the economic development of rural areas;
  • Implementation of news mechanisms for a better governance of territorial development.

This program concerns the governorates of:

  • Bizerte (El Arab & Sidi Aïssa sectors)
  • Kairouan (Msaïd, Sayada & Massiouta)
  • The Kef (El Ksour & Aïn Fdhil)
  • Sidi Bouzid (Rihana & El Ayoun)
  • Siliana (El Gabel, Sidi Mansour)
  • Kasserine (Foussana)
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 Débat avec les agriculteurs sur les résultats du diagnostic participatif à Sidi Bouzid (décembre 2018)
© Julien BURTE
 Participation des femmes aux débats sur les principaux enjeux du territoire
© Julien BURTE 

Additional Info

  • Contact(s):

    Project Manager:
    LESTRELIN Guillaume
    Head of UMR G-EAU
    BURTE Julien, MORARDET Sylvie
    +33 4 67 16 64 83 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • Briefly:

    Team(s) of the UMR concerned: IPD, INCA

    Thematic Theme / Field of expertise:participation, rural development

    Sponsor of the project: AFD

    Partner organizations: INAT, INRGREF, Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, ADECIA  

    Country, Study area:  Tunisia

    Starting date: 01/01/18
    Ending date: 30/06/22

  • Productions:

    Project-related productions:
    - Articles : 2 (Braiki 2018, Jouini 2019)
    - Theses : 2